My Sci-Fi Movie Trailer

Here’s what I would do if given any kind of budget by the sci-fi channel or a production studio that gives money to the lame sci-fi movies. First I would respectfully ask David Weber if I could do the movie for Path of the Fury.

Here’s my trailer for that… (again, with respect to Mr. Weber)

Black Screen

Voice over (that announcer guy from the Geico commercials) “One was born of blood.”

Image: Alicia DeVries in her Star-Runner ship-suit standing at the ramp of her cargo shuttle.

Image: Alicia and Major Cateau sparring. Alicia leaps over a leg sweep by Major Cateau.

Image: Alicia being hit by a burst from an assault rifle. Blood sprays the building behind her. As she falls, her hunting rifle comes up and fires. The flash fades to black.

Voice over: “One was born of faith.”

Image: Alicia playing chess. She speaks with a strange (yet somehow not hokey) timbre in her voice. “You have blunted my attack, but not stopped it.”

Image: A crewman sitting at a large control bank suddenly screams and rips his headset to the floor. He immediately falls to the ground in convulsions.

Image: Alicia sitting in a hospital bed. “You mean, you’re in my head?”

Voice over: “One was born of metal.”

Image: The starship Magerea sits in drydock. Her sleek lines and obviously powerful drive housing project an image of power and menace.

Image: Alicia is sitting at Magerea’s Captain’s Chair. A voice from the ship: “I could spot her half my drive nodes and still run her into the ground.”

Image: Magerea fires a broadside of missiles into a heavy cruiser, crippling it.

Voice over: “Together, they are a weapon of unsurpassed power. ”

Image: Alicia in a hospital bed, screaming in obvious anger. Tisiphone: “I am rage, all that ever was and will be, and skilled in its use.”
Voice over: “Their path will bring an empire to its knees.”

Image: A green and blue planet. Multiple nuclear explosions are plainly visible.

Voice over: “All for vengeance”

Image: Alicia lying in the snow, bleeding. She is holding the body of a young boy. Slow fade to black while: Tisiphone “What would you give, little one, for revenge?”

Black: Alicia’s strained, quiet voice “Anything.”

I forgot to include a wish list of stars:

  • Alicia Devries – Jennifer Garner… maybe Sandra Bullock
    • Jennifer is more the right age, but Sandra is (IMHO) a slightly better ‘deep’ actress
  • Sir Arthur Keita – Sean Connery… who else?
  • Ben Belkassem – I’m thinking Matt Damon
  •  Governor Treadwell – Hugo Weaving

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