Religious Mail

I’ve been getting a lot of this lately.  It’s beginning to offend me.  I get one (large) envelope a month from a Mr. Benny Hinn requesting money.  Perhaps if this man didn’t send out 24 letters to me (or anyone else) he could have kept that money for his ‘ministry’ (or mistress as the case may be).  Instead, he destroys trees with his slick, magazine quality extortion attempts.

I offended by these advertisements for several reasons:

The logic behind Judeo-Christian salvation is nothing less than extortion.  Churches are paying for the privilege of being extorted.  I have often heard “Salvation is free”, from the pulpit.  It is not free.  You have a choice (according to Christians), you can go to hell and spend eternity  being tortured or you can accept God and spend eternity singing his praises in heaven.  Seems like a no-brainer right?  This is the same as a protection racket run by the mafia… you can pay a couple hundred a month for protection or we can break your legs.

But you say, “what’s wrong with being a Christian and going to heaven”… nothing, if you approve of worshiping and singing the praises of a genocidal, psychopath who thinks you are doomed to the eternal fire for the actions of a man and a woman who lived more than 6000 years ago.  Yep, it’s almost as if you were going to be tortured forever because your ancestor was Ghengis Khan.

If the Christians are losing members so rapidly that they are asking ME for money, then that may be a bit of a hint.

Christians should follow their own bible (which the majority of them have never read).  Matthew (the book) says that “Whatever you ask in my name, it will be done.”  Interestingly, Jesus was pissed off at a tree that didn’t have any fruit and killed it… then told us this little bit.

However, they will not pray to heal the sick and they will not pray for money to take care of their churches.  Funny that, Jesus is married to the church, you’d think he’d arrange for her to have money.  Oh wait, Christians think that women should be in the home and not need any money.  Got it.

I’ve composed an e-mail to reply to these requests and I doubt that any of the recipients will have the intellectual or moral courage to respond.  We’ll see.


~ by OgreMkV on August 18, 2010.

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