One Who Gives Up Principles for Political Correctness

So, as usual, my dad sends me a deeply conservative e-mail about how Obama is going to imprison 500,000 US citizens after he passes the Anti Domestic Terrorism bill.  Now, I get one of these types of e-mails about twice a week… and if I’m feeling particularly bored, I’ll take 2 minutes out of my life to dissect it and forward it to the people on my dad’s mailing list (because he’s never heard of Blind Carbon Copy).

Now, in this instance, it was pretty pathetic.  The original article was published in a Ukrainian newspaper and it was about a bill that the house promoted and the senate killed in committee.  Oh wait, it also was promoted in 2007!  That’s more than two years ago.  Anyway, I actually spent a few minutes and read the bill, which basically set up a division within DHS to study domestic terrorism and coordinate actions against domestic terrorists (anyone remember Timothy McVay?).  There is also a rather interesting clause that the bill promotes that no one’s constitutional rights would be infringed by actions taken under this bill.  Yep, sounds like Obama’s sending 500,000 Americans to jail (as if there were room to put them).

So, I send it out and this morning, I get an e-mail from one of Dad’s e-mail buddies.  She asked me to not include her on future e-mails because she didn’t like my tone or my language [At the end of the e-mail I wrote “For fuck’s sake people.”]

So I reply and say fine, I’ll try to remember to take her off the list if I do this again (not, she doesn’t seem to have a problem with being on my Dad’s massively conservative mailings, but with my responses).  I also ask, “just out of curiosity, what do you think of the information I provided”.

She replied, “Well, you’re probably right.” and quote a bible verse… something in I Corinthians.

I find it curious (and somewhat depressing) that a person would prefer not to hear the voice of reason when one word offended them and they didn’t like my ‘tone’ (which was never actually defined).

So my dear, whomever you are in the real.  Good luck with your future affairs and I hope that you learned something about thinking for yourself.  I doubt it, but I’m an optimist.


~ by OgreMkV on July 12, 2010.

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