I’m Scared for the Future of Our Country

Here’s the thing:

The democrats are in charge.

The republicans are batshit insane.

No one trusts the libertarians.

Everyone thinks the greens are totally nuts.

No one likes communists.


Now that I’ve pissed everyone off.  Everyone agrees that a monopoly is a bad idea.  Competition is good for consumers and no competition is bad for consumers.

The same thing is true for politics.  Democrats are in the ascendancy.  That’s fine, at least they aren’t (mostly) batshit insane like the republicans, but without the competition from the republicans, there will be no efforts for the democrats to change.  Instead, there will be a huge play for control.

Why aren’t the republicans a threat to the democrats anymore?  The Bush years and Palin episodes are going to taint the republicans for some time to come.  A large number of republicans have completely gone over the edge into religious fanaticism.  Everything from a congressman asking permission of their bishop to vote for a bill.  [Which incidently is basically giving control of the US to an agent of a foreign government.]  To some recent episodes in Texas with a republican trying to have Joe McCarthy taught as a great American heroHere are some fascinating quotes from Cathi Adams, new chair of the republicans in Texas.

So, where do we fit in?  Well, it’s very simple.  We are screwed.

Our educational system is really feeling the pain of this.  Health care is even worse.  Civil liberties are not improving under Obama as he told us.

I’m scared.  I really am.

Who will I be voting for?  I’ll want to interview the Libertarian candidate heavily, but libertarians are my play book right now.



~ by OgreMkV on November 11, 2009.

One Response to “I’m Scared for the Future of Our Country”

  1. hmm.. I have never thought about that before.

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