Wall Mounted DVD Player

OK, so we have wall mounted TVs… but we still have to have  a shelf or table in from to f the TV for all the crap we need to make a TV run.


CONS:  unsightly piles of equipment, wires hanging behind, easy to damage

PROS: Easy to install (mostly), easy to access equipment.

Shelves just don’t do it for me.  I have a lot of DVDs, DVD players, X-boxes, DVRs, etc.  That equates to a lot of wires and piles of remotes and other equipment.

Entertainment Center

CONS: Very large, wasted space in front of or behind ultra thin TV, difficult to rearrange or rewire equipment, exceedingly difficult to move, expensive

PROS: Generally looks nice, hides unsightly wires, DVD cases, etc.

I generally prefer entertainment centers, but they are large and really nice ones are really expensive.  The cheap ones are, well, cheap.  However, they do come with plenty of storage and hide the wires quite nicely.

Rack Mount

CONS: Expensive, not matched to other furniture, heat, sometimes difficult to rewire

PROS: very organized, very cool for technofiles

These are neat setups, but generally require an entire room devoted to the equipment.

My Solution

I want the various manufacturers of A/V gear to make wall mounted equipment.  The trays (DVD/CD/Blu Ray) should flip out like some CD players.  The equipment should be vertically usable instead of horizontally usable.  The display would be on what used to be the top of the device.  (Which is now the front.)

As far as wires, I think that high speed wireless should be sufficient these days for the local transmission of A/V signal.  The wireless system will come with a pair of devices that match to the popular wiring systems.  Except that the wires are very short an end in a small transceiver which are matched in frequency and security system.

So no wires between equipment any more.

Finally, I want a PC station between the TV and the various pieces of equipment.  That PC will contain a software system that will allow it to store signals from the DVD, DVR, whatever as an appropriate file type (MP3, MP4, AVI, whatever you prefer).  This would be like a super DVR, where anything that heads for the TV will be stored on your own personal server so you can view it again later.


~ by OgreMkV on August 16, 2009.

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