Round Rock Sports Complex


Please understand, I’m a recent transplant to Round Rock.  However, I’ve come from an area that recently did the same thing that the city managers here are considering (in process of).

None of these projects have EVER made money for the city, county, region, etc.  NEVER.

Do a google search on “Ford Park, Jefferson County, Texas”.  Jefferson county built Ford Park without consulting the voters.  It cost about 20 million once everything was said and done… then it cost 1 million to 1.5 million per year.  That was what the county gave to Ford Park every year to keep it solvent.  It was billed as the greatest entertainment center in Southeast Texas.

We had two concerts per year that may have been half filled.  We had the Regional Softball tournament and a rodeo.  That’s it.  The entertainment complex was empty the rest of the time.

It will not work.


~ by OgreMkV on May 5, 2009.

2 Responses to “Round Rock Sports Complex”

  1. You have valid points on Ford Park. We made a trip there to see the facility and talk to the operator/manager. We learned there were many things done without study or research.

    Round Rock hired Economic Research Associates to do a feasibility study and business plan. This is the same firm that did the study for the Dell Diamond project and their projections have been very accurate.

    The size, design and construction of the proposed facilty has also been researched and is very different from Ford Park.

    I would love to talk to you further about this project and give you more details.

  2. Just for facts sake, I sent the following to Ms. Yawn from her comments and have not received a reply as of this post.

    “Nancy, a pleasure to hear from you. The entire time I lived in Jefferson County, not a single person from the county or facility ever discussed the project with anyone.

    My concerns are basically, where is the revenue coming from and what are the costs associated with the project (construction and operations)?

    What I found during my investigations of Ford part were things like, 15% of the revenue was planned to come from parking fees. Why would anyone pay $15 dollars to go to a baseball game and pay $3 parking on top of that.

    An additional 25% of revenue was slated to come from concessions. Like people aren’t going to sneak a $1 20 ounce coke into the facility when a 12 ounce coke costs $2.50.

    Also, how many events are planned and contracted for the facility? Complexes like this must be used at least weekly, if not almost daily, to have any chance of showing a profit. Are there any non-sports events going to be occurring (dog shows, family picnic day, children’s summer camps, etc)? This would appeal to a wider audience than just sports.

    The Ford Park people kept talking about ‘quality of life’ as a aspect of the benefits of Ford Park. At one point, I figured that almost $15 of the taxes paid by every household in Jefferson Co. went to Ford Park. At that rate, everyone in the county should have gotten a free ticket to the event of their choice.

    Kevin McCarthy

    P.S. Just so you know, I’m almost done with a MBA and have run for political office before. I’m not just a neophyte blowhard that complains about everything.

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