New Car

So the Austin area experienced a pretty major hail storm about 3 weeks ago.  Only my car was damaged so we were at the end of the line for insurance adjustment.

Hail Stone

Anyway, I have 1996 Mustang convertible.  5-speed thank you. Unfortunately, the soft-top has a hole in the canvas thanks to the hail storm, not to mention a variety of contusions and dings.  Last Friday, when it rained so much, I got a shower every time I turned a corner because the top had filled with water and would slosh out onto me.

So I take to my insurance carrier and they look at it.   They call around because replacement of a top is not a normal thing.  They call me over and to repair the car will take more money than the car is worth, so they total it.  Now, I get a new car.  It will be the first new car I’ve ever bought (my wife’s Santa Fe doesn’t count, it’s hers).

Now for the restrictions:

I want: fun, power, a decent stereo, a quiet ride, a good handling car

My wife wants: 4 doors, a decent stereo, room for everyone for a medium to long trip, comfort

So, pending a test drive, I’ve settled on the Mazda 6.

2009 Mazda6

Pretty huh?  272 horse V-6 with a 6-speed auto.  I know, it’s not a mustang, but I looked and my mustang only had a 150 horse V6.  Oooh… now you have my attention.

Lots of legroom, front and back, large trunk, MP3 player jack.  I can’t wait to go drive it.


~ by OgreMkV on April 24, 2009.

One Response to “New Car”

  1. Congratulations! and… I’m sorry! I have no doubt that the test drive will be thorough, the kind that salespeople should not ride along with. Mostly because they will be scared, or scarred, or both.

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