The Matrix: Why Neo isn’t “The One”

The whole point of The Matrix Trilogy is Neo is ‘The One’ destined to save mankind from the machines.  I recently got the Matrix Trilogy and Animatrix and realized that Neo isn’t the one that could control the matrix.  He was good in the matrix, but he still followed the physical laws of the matrix.

1) Fighting – if he could remake the matrix as he saw fit, why fight?  Why not just remake the bad guy into a roach and step on him?  Oh, he’s got free-will too (sort of, I guess) and can resist Neo’s abilities.  OK, then, why not make a 20,000 lbs anvil over his head… ah la Wile E. Coyote (super-genius).

2) Superman Flight – why?  Dude, ever heard of teleportation?  Even electrons travel at the speed of light (or near enough through a CPU, and don’t you think the matrix mainframe is running something a little hotter than Intel’s quads) so something a little quicker might be in order?

3) Guns (attacking) – increase the mass of the bullet say 5000 times just as it impacts the target.  Heh, skip that and just increase the inertia.  If you’re gonna use a gun and can remake the matrix as you see fit, then why not use a handheld 50 terrawatt gamma ray laser?

4) Guns (defending) – wouldn’t it be easier to just cause gunpowder’s rate of chemical reaction to slow down within say 1000 yards?  Or even cause metal fatigue in the firing pins?

5) Trinity – yeah, Moss is OK looking, but if you’re Neo couldn’t you make her look like (insert favorite super-model here)?

6) Agent Smith – why fight him?  Just force hime to type out his moves on a virtual keypad connected to the matrix supercomputer at 600 baud.


~ by OgreMkV on April 14, 2009.

One Response to “The Matrix: Why Neo isn’t “The One””

  1. I always wondered why no one noticed that pretty much everyone in Zion was going to die? Come on, how much did those drillers weigh? Two of those falling 1/4 mile or so down into the air, water and food recylcing equipment. Yeah, their air recycling is destroyed, the fires that were sparked by this will burn up a good chunk of the O2 there, and even if suppression equipment put it out quickly, how long until they run out of what O2 is left?

    For me, the end of the trilogy just meant that the computers won, with no more Zion left to trouble with.

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