Iran can now destroy the United States

OK, let’s consider.

  1. Iran can put a homemade satellite into space on a homemade launcher.
  2. Iran may have nukes.
  3. The DEFENSE minister says that they are communicating with the satellite.
  4. “Iran is “very powerful and you have to deal with us in the right way,” an Iranian political analyst said.”
  5. “saying it [Obama’s Administration]  must change policy not just tactics toward Tehran and apologize for past “crimes” against Iran.”
  6. Finally, look up FOBS

An orbital EMP could devastate our country.

I’m actually pretty concerned about this.  A country that has a history of terrorism, sponsoring terrorism, and hating America like a 3 year old hates asparagus.  This is probably the most frightening thing I’ve read in a long time.


~ by OgreMkV on February 3, 2009.

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