Could a limited nuclear exchange be a cure for Earth’s ills?

1) Climate – a minor nuclear winter would drop the global temp by a degree or two for a year or two.  It might just give us a chance to get enough wind and solar power in place as well as electric cars to stave off the coming negative feedback loop.

2) Economic – most of the countries would respond with a military buildup increasing jobs, spending, and economies of most countries.  This could be helpful.  Most econmies experience a serious surge in wartime and post wartime (major war, not these piddling little brushfire wars).

3) Cultural – the results of a nuclear exchange would put into blunt perspective what we as humans have the ability to do to ourselves and our world.  Then we could see what fools we’ve been and move on with living in the real world instead of each of our own personal fantasies.


~ by OgreMkV on December 31, 2008.

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