Land of the Free— not anymore

We used to be the land of the free.  I guess that’s one of Obama’s big changes.  I can’t really fault him though, he’s just a product of politics.  How come someone who’s never been a doctor can be qualified to make decisions about medicine?  How come somone who’s never been a teacher can make decisions about education?  It’s not just Obama, it’s al politicians.  The majority seem to think they are the kings of our society.

Freedom is on the downswing.  Here’s some examples.  Please note that I may not always agree with what is going on, but I think that freedom trumps my own prejudices and thoughts.

Congress gets a raise -My salary is frozen… ‘nough said.

Ammunition tax and making reloading illegal – I’m sure there’s lots of links to this.  Since the Federal government can’t do it, they are encouraging the states to do it.  Someone explain to me why politicians hate guns?

Surgeons refuse to performs procedures that are unacceptable to them… and get in trouble.  If it’s against your religion to perform an abortion, then that person should not be required or harrased for not performing it.  It’s still supposed to be a free country.

Us normal folk are losing.  Soon, the only people that matter will be those on welfare and politicians.  Sigh, it’s very depressing.


~ by OgreMkV on December 20, 2008.

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