Yes, I do poetry.  You my faithful two readers are in for a treat.  I found an old file with my poetry from many, many moons ago.  I think this all predates my wife, whom I’ve been married to for almost 13 years now.  Some’s good, some’s bad.  Take from it what you will… the angst of a geek’s soul.

Let’s put it this way.  These were written on a computer with no HDD, windows didn’t exist.


Demon kitty, demon kitty
how do you slay
by pouncing on the ball
down the hall

Demon kitty, demon kitty
where do you stay
In my master’s lap
fighting or a nap

Demon kitty, Demon kitty
where do you stray
on the bed under the sheet
chewing on my master’s feet

Demon kitty, demon kitty
how do you play
by clawing my master
and chewing on the bastar…


Thundering herds in my mind
a subtle reminder of the past
now, creatures, you will no find
they vanished, never to last

When man came here
to where life began
the plains were clear
unspoiled land

the struggle is age old
life and death and birth
stories are still untold
mysteries of ancient Earth


How can you have this effect on me?
I can’t eat, I can’t sleep
sometimes I can’t even see.
My love runs so deep.

You’re all I think of
Dreams, night and day
Can this be love?
Beautiful girl, stay.

It doesn’t seem right
can you even see?
without a light
your effect on me.

Girl, I love you
Can’t you see?
Can it be true?
Please, stay with me.


When Gravity Fails

When gravity fails
and the Earth flys
through endless night

When electrons die
and all inventions
stop and rust

When proteins fade
and all life
slowly decays

When the gods leave
the universe
to its own devices

Strength will not matter
Intelligence will make
no difference

Faith will fall
with the humans
who used to believe

Only the adaptable
will survive
the endless night

Only the imaginative
can find a way
out of Hell


~ by OgreMkV on May 26, 2008.

One Response to “Poetry”

  1. Awesome stuff, Kevin. I particularly like “Gravity.” You should have your students write some creative bit (poem or other) to explain some scientific concept that you’ve studied. It could be a fun way to end the year!

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