Google Sketchup Cargo Spaceship Challenge

Folow this link to download the ShelbyZ from the google Sketchup library. I designed this ship about a year ago on good old scientific graph paper (you remember, the green one with very small boxes and lines on the back, yes I am a geek).

Anyway, I downloaded sketchup and fell in love with it. I stayed up to midnight for about a week building the ShelbyZ. I made a few errors and some I still don’t understand what happened. I haven’t finished her either. I want to make the interior complete with equipment. I’m planning on some other files showing landed and disgorging cargo and a labeled cross section view.

The ShelbyZ is a small transport, but very fast. A light cargo load, but her cargo bay design allows up to eight tractor-trailer rigs to be driven straight into the bay and straight out at the destination. This fast turn around time and planetary landing ability means that she has many contracts for supplying small scientific outposts (and setting them up) as well as emergency deliveries and evacuations of colonies.

Medical response was designed into her with a large medical bay and attached doctors quarters/office and deep imaging bay (CAT/PET/MR/ etc scanners). Up to 24 passengers can travel for extended periods. By installing extra bunks, 48 can be accommodated for shorter flights. With no cargo in the upper hold or the cargo bay, she can hold an additional 150 passengers.

The ‘wings’ are filled with the grav generators.  The rear third of the ship houses the two fusion reactors and the aft ‘pencil points’ house the interialess drives.  The hyper generator is tucked up under the Engineering platform on deck to very near the CG of the ship.  The large fins on the back are cooling fins for the fusion drives.

The top most deck is the Bridge Deck with the bridge (forward) and observation deck (aft).  The O-deck has several retractable telescopes for position fixes, EM scans and photog work.  Directly under the bridge is the Captain’s private retreat.  He has a private head and room with an attached office.  A ladder goes from the office directly into the bridge.  Behind the Captain’s Cabin is the main lounge and galley.  This is where off-duty crew and passengers hang-out and eat.

The Upper Deck (upper deck, main hull) is mainly passenger and crew quarters.  A large mechanical bay is directly behind the cabins.  This location handles most of the poewr, water, sewage, and air distribution for the ship.

The Engineering deck is most of the ‘working’ sections of the ship.  The forward ‘pencil points’ contain primary sensors and the debris shields.  Behind that is the Medical bay and doctor’s quarters.  The crew quarters on this deck are all engineers and tech.  The main engineering stations are here as well as a well stocked machine shop.  The engineering platform extends into the fusion and drive room.  The aft ‘pencil points’ contain the inertialess drives.

The Lower Deck has cargo storage forward.  The lower ‘pencil points’ have both elevators and cranes for moving some supplies, equipment, and personnel to ground level.  There is a secure cargo facility that only the Captain and XO can open.  There are some passenger cabins here.  They are mainly for the truck-drivers, but anyone can stay there.  There is also fuel bunkerage on this deck.  Approximately 135 cubic meters of Deuterium slush can be stored to power the fusion drives.  This volume of fuel will power the ship for about 24 days at full power.

The cargo bay has full sized doors at both ends.  Landing gear is outboard of the cargo bay.  An airtight panel can be mounted in the bay to seal off the back 1/3 and allow the deployment of space equipment (satellites).  This panel cannot be placed or removed in flight.

Standard complement is 15 crew and 24 passengers.  Top speed is a little over 2 light years per day.  Standard cruise speed is 1.75 lights per day.  Max range (round trip) at cruise is 50 light years.  There is equipment for ‘in flight refueling’, however it requires the after third to be exposed to vacuum and the atmosphere of gas giants.


~ by OgreMkV on May 11, 2008.

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