New Show Idea: Building and Racing

Hey TLC, I’ve got a good one for you. The premise is you take ten teams of about 8 people each. Give each team the same car and $10,000 to modify it as the wish. There will be four to six races, with the last being an endurance race. However, the teams will not be told what or even where the tracks are. So teams have to prepare the cars in a general way rather than a specific to the track prep.  Finishing position gives points and the team with the most points wins.

You could do two episodes on the vehicle construction and the final results. The final reveal of the vehicles will be accompanied by a viewer poll on the most attractive vehicle. That team (revealed at the end of the series) gets 5 or 10 bonus points. So the teams might want to spend some money to make the cars look good.

Each team can spend the $10k however they want, but if they don’t do the work then they have to pay for the labor too. Teams may not accept donated time and/or equipment. Everything that they don’t do themselves counts against the $10k.

Each team will be provided with a single racing seat and a fire extinguisher. The teams must incorporate a roll cage in their vehicle.

Once the vehicles are revealed, the show takes them to the tracks and holds them between races.  The teams may make normal changes to the vehicles (tires, oil, coolant, NOS, etc)  between races, but may not make other changes (springs, shocks, gearing, etc).

Races should be on four to six very different tracks.  Including ovals, road courses, street courses, dirt, cross country, etc.  Some races should be based on a fixed number of laps, some on a time limit, some maybe even distance on a single tank of gas.

Points are added up at the end of each series and the winner gets a nice prize.

Some example vehicles: Toyota Yaris, Toyota Tacoma (4 door), Chevy Silverado (crew cab, v-8, 4×4), Ford Fusion, Yahama 4-wheeler, etc


~ by OgreMkV on March 12, 2008.

One Response to “New Show Idea: Building and Racing”

  1. Interesting concept. What about if we made it a full featured championship using full size realistic VR cars with professional setup and 3 DOF platforms…any takers, sponsors?

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