Micro Nuclear Plants – Coming Soon to Your Backyard… Maybe

Toshiba has built a mini-nuke plant.  Set up to power a commercial building or apartment maybe even your house.  Toshiba claims it can provide power for $0.05 a kilowatt.  Pretty good.  I’d buy one.

But does anyone really think that the US will let anyone have a baby nuke?  The current government doesn’t even like them.  There’s no way in hell that system is coming to the US.  Our government barely trusts us with guns.

Heck, I don’t trust most people with cars.  All we need is some crazy high school kid tring to build a bomb out of the thing.  It won’t explode, but they don’t know that.  It could cause an ecological disaster though.

Good idea, but the US won’t go for it.


~ by OgreMkV on December 26, 2007.

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