Texas and Creation Science

I may have to quit teaching…

According to an Article in the New York Times, the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board is having a hearing to decide whether the Institute for Creation Research to be allowed to train science EDUCATORS!!!!!

The Institute for Creation Research has nothing to do with science or education.  It is religion pure and simple.  Their so-called ‘scientists’ must sign a contract that says (paraphrase) that no matter what their research finds, that they will report that their research supports the concept of special creation.

I  have spent to many years dealing with ignorant kids to have this thrown in my face.  It will not happen if I have to personally sue the THECB.

If you are a science educator in Texas, please contact the THECB to tell them that even consideration of the ICR is a tragedy and possibly against the law.

Oh, and  how come the New York Times knows about this, but Texans don’t!!!!


~ by OgreMkV on December 23, 2007.

6 Responses to “Texas and Creation Science”

  1. Uggg… Thats the beauty of the modern education system for you. BTW… Nice blog.

  2. How arrogantly ignorant of you! I am always amazed at the fear that is ignited among the big bang theory community of ‘believers’ when confronted with Creation Theory. Yes, both are THEORIES! Why are you so afraid of presenting what both sides have to say? And you obviously have not invested any time looking into the scientific findings of the Institute of Creation Research, or if you have, you are so afraid of what they present, you simply resent and reject. They DO support findings with scientific evidence. Fact is, BOTH THEORIES require a HUGE amount of FAITH to accept either one! NOBODY was there in the beginning and there is no EVIDENCE to support the presentation of either one as a scientific LAW! Assumptions MUST be made in both THEORIES! The way big bang bigots go off on a rampage when faced with a creationist supporter tells me that they have left the realm of science themselves, making their BELIEFS a religion, pure and simple. Science lays out the guidelines for research and the formulation of theories and laws. Stop yelling and screaming like ‘ignorant kids’ defending your religion and faith based belief of the big bang THEORY! ICR is neither a tragedy or against the law! As a teacher, we should present both THEORIES, with their supporting data. THEORIES!!!!!!! And let the kids THINK for themselves. Or are you afraid of that? Public school as moved from encouraging students think, and instead, wanting to tell them WHAT to think. This is a crime. Stop defending the BB THEORY as though it were a LAW, a FACT, a flawless, absolute, indisputable event! IT IS NOT! It is far from flawless, absolute and definitely disputable… it is not a scientific LAW! Therefore, the floor is still open to debate and discovery! BB theorists want to tell students what to think AND BELIEVE! Until a LAW is established on this subject, WE CANNOT NOR SHOULD we do so. THIS IS the real tragedy and crime! Science, by definition, will sort out the data and eventually present the truth. Maybe truth lies somewhere in both of them… Who are ‘you’ to outlaw the process of science or education.
    Maybe you should quit teaching…

    Texas teacher – 23 years

  3. […] I just got a response to an previous article and I thought my reply worthy of an article in and of itself. The original is here.  https://ogremkv.wordpress.com/2007/12/23/texas-and-creation-science/ […]

  4. My response


  5. Well, I tried multiple times to open up the link you sent me, but it just won’t open up for me. : ((
    I chuckled at your admittance to scrap your original response claiming it would have been to confrontational… this is, in my humble opinion, probably one of the most confrontational topics in science. No way around it. But that’s ok. That is the beauty of science. The search for truth will always be a floor for debate and disagreement until the undeniable truth is evident and indisputable : )) Until then… we debate and disagree. But may we never defend the proclamation of ideas that are not truth, as though they are; and may we always encourage the presentation of ideas and search to find the truth to the wonders of our magnificent world. Agreeing to disagree is not a problem; but Disallowing expression and research of contrasting thoughts, ideas and opinions are. Christoper Columbus, along with many others, would agree with me I am sure! And as I said in my previous post, eventually, truth will surface. This is my biggest beef on this most controversial subject.

  6. The biggest problem is what you said, “Disallowing expression and research of contrasting thoughts, ideas and opinions”

    No scientist has ever said that you cannot do creation based research or express yourself or opinions. However, there is no scientifically valid creation based research. And anything that isn’t science, doesn’t belong in the science classroom.

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