When you can convince me it’s science, then you can teach it in my classroom!

First things first.  Creationists want this concept of “Intelligent Design” to be taught in our schools.  Make no mistake, it is creationism, just without the obvious implication of God.

By Law, religion may not be taught in public schools.  So we can’t use any Biblical references in teaching “Intelligent Design”.  That kills every bit of ‘research’ about ID there is.  If you want it taught in my classroom, then convince me it’s science.  I’ll be nice and even tell you how.

Rule 1:  You can’t use the Bible.  This is supposed to be science.  You can’t use anecdotes from a book whose historical accuracy is in question to ‘prove’ anything.  If you have a number of independent and verifiable additional sources, then this requirement might be waived.

Rule 2: It must be falsifiable.  Any scientific theory has evidence that will cause the theory to be false.  Evolution has them, Einstein’s General Relativity has them, etc… What are ID’s?  [Some of Evolution’s are listed below.]

Rule 3: It must make predictions.  A scientific theory is pretty much useless if it doesn’t help us predict how the universe functions under different conditions.  Evolutionary theory has been used to predict everything from what some intermediate fossils would look like to how HIV will respond to various regimes of medications.

Rule 4: You must have evidence that will differentiate it from alternatives.  A theory must have some way of being shown to be correct where other, sometimes very similar, theories are not correct.  In other words, describe in very good detail what experiment(s) may be performed and how the data from that experiment will show that ID is correct and evolution is not.  This experiment should be new work, not a rehashing or ‘interpretation’ of historical data.

Every scientific theory from Pasteur to Quantum Chromodynamics must satisfy those rules.  So, any creationist that wants me to teach ID must tell me how ID satisfies those four rules of science.  If it doesn’t satisfy them, then it’s not science.  That’s so important, I’ll say it again…

 If it doesn’t satisfy them, then it’s not science.

Now, for your viewing pleasure, I’ll even tell you how to prove evolution false.  If you want to become the greatest scientist since Darwin, all you have to do is one of these…

How to falsify Evolutionary Theory

  1. Find a dinosaur fossil that has eaten a rabbit.
  2. Find a living thing on the Earth (from the Earth) that does not use Adenine, Guanine, Thymine, Cytosine, or Uracil (or the protein derivations thereof) to encode genetic information.
  3. Find a mammal whose cytochrome c gene is more closely related to a fish than any other mammal.

I could go on, but why.

Finally, for all you would be takers on this project.  Do yourself a favor.  Study what evolutionary theory and science are before trying to discredit them.  In fact, stop trying to discredit them, do the four rules above and you’ll be fine.  I would also say read a book on evolution (I can recommend some good ones), understand what you’re trying to talk about before trying to talk about it.

Read this website to review all the previous attempts by creationists before jumping in with your rehashed version.  Heck, this website has all of the answers of why those ideas are wrong too.

I await your responses.


~ by OgreMkV on December 4, 2007.

5 Responses to “When you can convince me it’s science, then you can teach it in my classroom!”

  1. http://www.turoks.net/Cabana/ScienceVsIntelligentDesign.htm

    Thought this was appropriate.

    • Io penso che se Galileo è morto pur di far vincere la scienza, allora la situazione è veramente disperata! Cioè, dobbiamo sempre e per forza fare la figura dei cretini ,continuando ad inventare cavolate a raffica pur di vendere?!?! Comunque, se ci pensiamo bene, sono proprio coloro che vendono questi prodotti a sfruttare l’ignoranza della ge;e2&#8t30nPovero Galileo! Da lassù starà sicuramente pensando: <> Meno male che resta ancora qualcuno che gli fa onore, secondo me.

  2. […] There are a great many things that could prove Evolution to be untrue (I’ve listed them previously or see the link at the bottom of this article). I have yet to see something given by any Creation […]

    • Super infirmatove writing; keep it up.

    • We had to stand up every morning, clasp our little hands to our hearts, and recite the Pledge of Allegiance.Failure to comply was met with a trip to the principals office, generally a spanking and an ‘F’ for your citizenship grade. That failure in the citizenship grade may cause you having to repeat a grade level even if you were the smartest kid in the school.  Ray Thompson

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