Transformers 2


What I want to talk about is Michael Bay and sequels… and his tendency away from story/plot/character development and toward explosions, cool scenes and dramatic cuts.

Don’t get me wrong, I really like Michael Bay as a director… sort of.  I’m liking him less and less now days.  Bad Boys was a fantastic movie.  A classic buddy cop movie with plenty of action.  Some pretty good character development.  A good story and plot.  Bad Boys II was just a bunch of actions scenes woven together with some actors.  BBII was so chopped up, I couldn’t trace the action or even keep track of who was where.  Crap.

This brings me to Transformers.  Yes, I bought the DVD the day after it came it.  And it’s been in the DVD player ever since.  I watch it about twice a week… sigh.

I think the Transformers fan we really pleased with the movie.  I grew up on Transformers.  I had the entire first series taped (on Beta, but that’s another story).  And the movie was good.  It really brought the characters to life.  Most of the scenes with a transformer it them were flawless (the final battle with Scorpinoc bugged me though).

My problems with this show are not with the story (pretty good), the acting (acceptable), the action (evenly spaced and well thought out).  My problem is with all the damn cut scenes.  Yes, thy are very dramatic.  Two F-22s taking off side-by-side… very cool.  Unfortunately, the bad guy was only ten miles away when they took off.

Michael Bay, please don’t turn Transformers 2 into a action cut fest like Bad Boys II.  You did good on this one, don’t screw up the sequel.


~ by OgreMkV on November 17, 2007.

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