Scariest Moment as a Parent… So Far

Ah, night time, when hard working parents can try to get a little rest.  I had gotten up about 5:30 Friday morning.  It was now about 12:30 Saturday morning and I was tired.  Xander had finally gone down.  I lay down in my bed.  Lexie was preparing a fresh bottle.

Then, the scariest thing EVER happened.  I heard this tremendous thud from Xander’s room… then he started screaming.  I ran in and hit the light.  Yep, the 9 month old terror had climbed out of his crib and fell to the floor.  He has a very minor cut on his forehead and a gooseegg, the size of… well… a goose egg.

He’s fine.  Never even looked like he had a concussion (yes, I can tell).  Xander’s brain hasn’t learned to shut off the body when sleeping yet.  I sure hope her learns soon.


~ by OgreMkV on October 20, 2007.

One Response to “Scariest Moment as a Parent… So Far”

  1. Welcome to the club. The membership is a long list, stretching back a looong way. I am not sure how far back it should go, but to keep it manageable, let’s just say the list begins somewhere during the erect standing hominids (hominini).

    We had another scary moment with Dane just a few weeks ago, when he smacked his head on something (I am thinking the coffee table) and caused an laceration of the skin starting just below his left eyebrow, and heading toward the center of his forhead. 5 stitches on the outside, one inside.

    Yep, lots of fun waiting for you (I’m so sorry).

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