Odyssey 5 – Round Two

“And I learned a few things, I never knew before…” (with respect to Al Yankovic)

Odyssey 5 was apparently done by Showtime in 2002.  That explains why the Sci-Fi channel didn’t screw it up.  They weren’t actually responsible for it.  I will say that they did take another Showtime series and run it to great effect… Stargate SG-1.

The problem I have/had with Stargate is that for the first four seasons, the episodes were too much like ’80s science fiction.  It was like everything reset at the end of the episode and only rarely did things change.  Finally, the writers fixed that problem, but I had already quit watching it.  Now, SG-1 is arguably the best science fiction series ever.  I think it’s the longest running and one of the few that spawned an entirely new series (and one that is still doing well).

I should have realized that something was up with Odyssey 5, the language kept getting bleeped.  Then, in last nights episode, they had to cover up some nudity.  (Much like the opening episode of SG-1.)

I was somewhat disappointed in the episode.  I think the writers moved a little too fast.  We now know what Leviathan is.  We have this strange thing in a tank.  We have mind controlled people.  We have personal issues with two of the five main characters (but almost nothing from the other three).

Don’t get me wrong, it was good show.  I’ll keep watching (unlike Bionic Woman… sigh).

The big problem with time travel (yes, I  know, that’s not actually what happened, but it’s effectively what happened) can be characterized by the butterfly effect.  A butterfly flaps its wings in China  and tornadoes form in the US Midwest.  Very small changes, like Mendel betting big on a football game, change the history that the five remember.  It’s already happening.  So within months, their ‘knowledge’ of history will be totally useless.

So what will happen?  And more importantly, what will happen if they manage to prevent the Earth’s destruction?  How will they go on, five years from now… or as Taggart put it, “4 years and 319 days from NOW!”


~ by OgreMkV on October 20, 2007.

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