Do We Teach to TAKS?

I read the various search words that people use to find my site and I think some of them are fascinating.  Some, I’m still wondering how they apply to my blog.  And some are so potent, that they require me to write about it.

The short answer to ‘Do we teach the TAKS?’ is Yes.  The long answer is ‘Hell Yes’.

Of course, we teach to TAKS.  The state bases the school’s rating on TAKS results.  Houston ISD is basing merit raises and bonuses on it.  33% of the seniors of Port Arthur ISD did not graduate because of it.

Administrators, principles, teachers, legislatures, and the governor all say to the media, “We teach the material.  TAKS is just the natural material that needs to be taught.”  Meanwhile, in the staff meetings, we are told to practice them on the test.

I have from 3-5 TAKS questions every day for my students (well, sophomores and juniors).  I have two whole classes dedicated to preparing students for the TAKS.

Basically, you have to teach the TAKS.  Nothing else really matters.  It’s the only way that the pea-brains in government can come up with to measure success of the TEACHERS.  Please remember that almost nothing about the TAKS affects the students.  It’s the schools that are affected and that means that it’s the teachers fault.

I think students would do a lot better on the TAKS is they couldn’t play sports unless they pass the whole thing.  But we can’t hurt the students.

I’ll stop ranting now.  It you have questions, please comment below and I’ll answer them as best I can.  In a point of view from the trenches.


~ by OgreMkV on October 14, 2007.

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