School Week 2: The beginning

Well, I’ve never been more organized as a teacher.  Still not quite where I want to be, but pretty close.  Yet, I’m still very frustrated and marginally upset.

My really cool class was canceled and replaced with TAKS prep.  I thought I would have some help with it, but apparently not.  So now I have to do all the work for two TAKS prep classes (one class and one homeroom).  I hate TAKS prep.  It’s basically a class for kids who couldn’t be bothered to listen the first time.  Anyone tells you that we don’t teach the TAKS is lying to you and probably a politician.  Anyone who doesn’t teach the TAKS was fired two years ago for poor performance… sorry, I’m bitter.

I’m bitter because I’ve got a group of kids who can’t do any useful school skill (graphing, writing, basic math, etc) because they’ve been taught the TAKS.  So now, they are in Physics and I have to teach them graphing and writing, etc.

BTW: If anyone knows where I can get a poster of the full length periodic table, please let me know.  Not the normal one with the Actinides and Lathanides hanging  below, but one where they are embedded where they’re supposed to be.

I still have juniors who can’t be bothered to bring pencils to school… sigh.

Hey, Glencoe, I’m writing Powerpoints, labs, and complete curricula based on your books, you might as well give me the job I keep applying for!

OK, this week will give us our first test.  We’ll see how that goes.  (snicker) I’m also doing several more labs at the end of the week.


~ by OgreMkV on September 3, 2007.

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