So… I Wrestled My First Alligator.

I sent my wife this text message yesterday morning.

“Whew, well that was fun. My ‘other duties as required’ now extend to wrestling aligator. Don’t worry, I’m fine. I’m sure the bruises will heal soon. I was a bit worried when it bit through the umbrella… but the cleaning lady threw a trashbag over its head. This gave me a tactical advantage and I got into the back of the truck OK. Love you, see you tonight. What’s for supper?”

She texts me back asking… ‘are you kidding’. I told her the rest of the story that night.

I was doing my morning duty, bad rainy day at school. I heard the crossing guard screaming bloody murder and turned to see an alligator waddling up the bus driveway. It was pretty small (20 inches or so). So I call the principle over (she was standing near the back door). She calls the maintenance director, but he was on a bus. So she called her husband and he said he would come get it, but he wouldn’t pick it up.

So, she looks at me and says ‘You’re the Biologist.’ So when the truck pulled up, I dropped an umbrella across the back of it’s neck and grabbed it behind the head and about halfway up the tail. I threw it in the back of the truck. The Alligator was not impressed by all this. It hissed at me the whole time.



~ by OgreMkV on August 29, 2007.

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