Multiplayer Desktop Tower Defense

Wow, now this is addictive.  Casual Collective has created a multiplayer version of the classic Element Tower Defense (can be found on link to the right).

As far as I know, the game is not available for general use, it’s in beta test.  I’m lucky enough to have gotten in on it.  Wow, what fun.  The premise is simple.  There is a big empty field with one opening on each side.  Bad guys (creeps) enter through two and exit through the other two.  Your mission; stop them.

You can build and upgrade a variety of tower with various types of guns.  For more fun, you are in competition with up to eight other players to kill creeps faster.

Some hints that I’ve found to help out.  I’m pretty good in the early stages of most games.  Once it gets later, I always get run over though.

I build three pellet towers… sometimes 4 and upgrade them all once.  If you build them so they all but block the entrances, you should win the first round.  After that, extend the line with 1 squirt tower each and upgrade as able.  Next comes a clump of creeps, if you’ve upgraded everything… it won’t be a problem.

Keep both lines of towers heading for the common corner and start building a maze past that.  Upgrade more than new towers.  Upgraded pellets are cheap and upgraded squirts are pretty powerful.


~ by OgreMkV on August 18, 2007.

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