Hmm.. I’m a Libertarian… who knew?

I recently took the World’s Smallest Political Quiz.  I’m VERY Libertarian.  Wow.  Fair enough.  I think the Democrat’s social policies are destroying our country and the Republican’s economic policies are killing whatever’s left.  I live in a Democratic County in Texas.  One of the few, but the people here are very hardcore.  It comes from being a heavily unionized refinery area.

So what does this all mean for you, the humble reader.  Well, in October, the Libertarian Party of Texas will be coming to my home area to recruit candidates for office.  I plan on being one of them.  I’d prefer County Commissioner.  The ones we have now are corrupt, stupid, and even worse, think that the people of Jefferson County are dumber than a slime mold… (extra points if you can name the kingdom).

I’d love to have a shot at Congress one of these days.  That would be neat.  I’d do it just for the chance to go to Washington and, for two years, tell everyone up there how stupid the American people think they are.

The people in our government are, by and large, not stupid people.  However, humans in groups flea back to the herd/tribal mentality.  How do you measure the intelligence of a decision?  Average the IQ of all the people making the decision, then divide by the number of people making the decision.  There’s some 428 people in the US House of Representatives.  The average decision IQ is about .25.

That’s something to look forward to in this Blog.

Kevin McCarthy in 08.  Because I couldn’t be worse than the other guy.

Probably not my best slogan, but hey, we can try.

As a precursor to my campaign.  I will say this.  Everything that I do will be available on a blog… maybe not here, but somewhere during my time in office.  My constituents deserve to know what the hell I’m doing for the rest of the week after a 2 minute clip on the 6 o’clock news.

I will also try to allow my constituents to help make the decisions.  If I’m elected to a major office (congress, Texas or US, or something like that), I will make every effort to create a web-site (Chris, want some contract work?) that will allow my constituents to directly vote on how I should vote on upcoming legislation.

If this works, then I predict that anyone who does NOT do this, will not be in office in 10 years.  If this fails, then the American people have basically given up on our government and we deserve to get run over by them.


Kevin McCarthy in 08.


~ by OgreMkV on August 11, 2007.

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