Sick Gouramis

I’ve been keeping fish since January now and only had 1 death… an otocinclus catfish that passed for no reason.  Actually, otos are known for their delicacy.  These fish are caught wild in rivers in Indonesia using cyanide.  I would be a little stressed too.

However, now an ugly parasite has appeared in my tank.  This will be my first experience with ill fish that don’t die instantly.   I have diagnosed at least three gouramis with an intestinal parasite based on listless behavior, resting on the bottom of the tank, eating strangely, and abnormal poo.  Yes, I watch the fishes poo… though in this case it’s kind of hard to miss since the poo is longer than the fish.

I’ll be ordering some Paracide-D at O’dark thirty in the morning (or whenever they’ll take my call).  Hopefully, I can get the treatment in time to not lose any of my prize fish.  I’m fairly certain that fish can live a while with an internal parasite.  A week shouldn’t be out of possibility.

Wish me luck.


~ by OgreMkV on July 5, 2007.

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