Not much going on.  I think we’ve got the problem with wordpress figured out.  I’m painting the bedroom and sleeping on the living room floor while the smell clears out… I hate the smell of ammonia in the morning.

Normally, I’d crank out a job like this in two days tops.   I primed and painting the living and dining rooms in two days.  I did the hall, prime and paint, in one. So far the bedroom has taken three days and while we should be able to sleep in it tomorrow, it might not be totally pleasant or complete.

First our bedroom is huge… including the bathroom and walk-in it’s 20×20.  Then there is the alcove and two built in bookcases.  There’s just a lot of crappy detail work to do.  It took me almost four hours to tape the room.

Xander, bless his heart, is teething.  So Lex and I can’t work together.  One sits with Xander while the other works.  So a seven hour job is up to about 37 hours and counting.  In fact, I should be painting… it’s just so depressing to look at this huge expanse of wall, the alcoves, and a bucket of paint.  Sigh.


~ by OgreMkV on June 29, 2007.

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