NBC’s Heroes

I finally watched the final five episodes. They’ve been sitting on my DVR since the originaly aired. WIth the new baby and work, I (we) just haven’t had the time to watch them. Since it’s summer, we aren’t working, we almost well, we took Wednesday night and watched them… all of them.

Lexie calls it my Hero-in fix.

What can I say, it was unbelievably awesome. I can’t believe how many people died at the end. I can’t believe how cold Noah Bennet is, but he is still one of my favorite characters. OK, rundown time…

Niki – still a goofy… almost paranormal ability. The ghost of her dead sister can take over her body and then, the body has super strength, reflexes, etc. Until the end, when Jessica gave Niki the abilities. A looker, but a so-so character. The beginning could have been so much more, but I liked it.

D.L. – another so-so ability in a so-so character. I just happen to like the actor. Hope he lives… if just for Micah’s sake.

Micah – among the cooler abilities. I can’t wait for him to build a powered armor suit out of junk and use his ability to make it work. I hope he doesn’t become a deus ex machina. The real question is how did the Cabal know that Micah (and more importantly, his abilties) would be the result of Niki and D.L.s union>

Nathan – a great character. I never knew what he would do… yet it was always consistent with the character. (Very important in my book.) Actually, he’s kind of like me. I never know what I’m going to do either. Shame he died, but I’m glad that he proved to everyone that he was one of the good guys.

Peter – damn. One of the cooler abilities, a great actor, a fantastic character. I loved the fact that, even though he could get the powers, he had real trouble controlling them. Unlike Sylar…

Sylar – a good and convincing bad guy. I loved the part where he says, ‘why would I kill you, you have nothing for me’ (paraphrase). He only kills those with powers that he can absorb. He never did get any decent powers though, except for the TK. Super hearing, turning plastic to liquid (although, I’m guessing he’s breaking the chemical bonds in hyrdrcarbons… which means he could hold the US petrochemical industry hostage.) These powers are limited. Thank goodness he didn’t get Claire. Now, the ending… “What the hell? Over.” “Uh, Houston, forget that other thing… this is serious.”

Claire- one of the favorite characters. Her role was really downplayed at the end of the show. Save the Cheerleader, save the world… only because she was the one who could convince Nathan to be a good guy.

Ted – poor Ted. So misunderstood. So powerful. So dead. He never really had a chance, but I miss him.

Parkman – I hope he makes it too. Good actor, terrible character.

Noah Bennet – what an awesome asshole. He has the hardest part of anyone on the show. He’s a fantastic actor. Totally believable as an adoring father or a guy who punches two 9mm holes in the back of his bosses head from 6 inches away.

Hiro – I love this guy. He has an awesome ability… maybe a little overcharged, but oh well. His faith in his friends is more powerful than in himself. I see a lot of me in this guy. He wants to be a heor, but has trouble truly taking that step. I cannot wait for him taking on a T-Rex.

To the Producers, Writers, and Directors. You guys rock. If you need more character ideas for next season, I have some. See below:

A martial artist who has the ability to see 5 seconds into the future. That’s enough time to be useful in some cases, but not enough to cause paradoxes.

A character who has the ability to cancel or increase the effects of inertia. Imagine being hit with a thin metal foil, only to crumple around it as it hits with the force of a pile-driver. Or slam into a brick wall at 70mph and your car acts as though it hit a feather pillow.

The ability to locally decrease entropy.

Maxwell’s Demon Man – the ability to create one-way walls of force.


~ by OgreMkV on June 8, 2007.

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  1. Hello:
    I’m a brazilian blogger.
    I did like a lot this post and your blog as well.

  2. Thank you. I enjoyed the look of your blog, I wish I could read Spanish.

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