How to tell when it’s time to move

I’ve been ill and so not keeping up with anything, but my medication timing. I checked the online newspaper today. Sigh…

One shooting in town per day for the last week. Yay…

Another one:

You live on the Gulf Coast and the second named storm of the year is named on the FIRST day of Hurricane season.


~ by OgreMkV on June 1, 2007.

One Response to “How to tell when it’s time to move”

  1. /me sits back far away from the gulf coast, wondering if I should say anything…

    We had a lady try to kill her husband, with her car, in a parking lot, she missed, TWICE. She did end up hitting a tree and rolling the car. Other than that, the big news is a couple of measles cases. Apparently some guy brought it back after a trip to Japan, via San Francisco. Personally, I blaming that TB guy from Atlanta. 🙂

    However, we do have some insane housing prices. I saw a 3br 2b house for only $299,900 yesterday, just recently reduced from $349,000.

    Have fun ogremkv!

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