It’s Heeeerrrrree

Well here’s the tank.

The Tank

The tank  really very nice.  The front and sides are one piece of glass with rounded edges.  Makes viewing much nicer.  Unfortunately, the tank has a non -standard rim which means my first choice on filters (an Aquaclear 70) is a no-go.

Instead, I talked to some guys on  Aquaria Central  and snagged a Rena xP3 canister filter for $74.99.  Thanks guys.  I’ve never used a canister before, but I’m impressed with the design and lack of intrusion into the tank itself.  Look here…


The clear plastic hose is to my rubbermaid bucket that I’m filling the tank with.  The black tude behind the castle is a Stealth 250W heater.  The gray tube is the intake for the canister and the black bar next to that is the outflow pipe for the canister.  That’s it for in the tank equipment.  Neat huh?

The xP3 has three buckets with 2 bays each for filtering equipment.  I’ve got 4 rough sponges (for detritus), an activated carbon bag (for chemical removal), a half box of bio-stars (for bacteria growth, and a polishing sponge.  At the first cleaning, I’ll take the carbon and polishing sponge out and add more bio-stars and something else.  It’s very flexible that way.  If it’s anything like the water at school, the I’ll have to add crushed coral to increase the buffering capacity of the water.

Plants, fish and the first pump start are coming soon.


~ by OgreMkV on May 13, 2007.

One Response to “It’s Heeeerrrrree”

  1. All hail the mighty tank! Though it be not an Ogre Mark V, it is a fine and worthy piece of kit indeed. Once you have it stocked and stable, a fish cam might be a dandy addition to your blog. 🙂

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