Aquaria Here I Come

Well, I guess it had to happen.  My Oceanography class is coming to a close and I’ve got a bloody fish tank with some nice fish in it.  Since I won’t be going up to the school every day to care for them, I have to bring them home, which means I have to get a fish tank.

Actually, I’m kind of excited.  My first foray into aquaria was pretty bad.  I was 14 and  didn’t handle responsibility well.  I’m older now and I pretty much care for the tank at school and I’m enjoying it.

My goal is to find a slightly used 29-55 gallon tank (with stand).  So if you live in SE Texas and something like that, let me know.  I’ll be planting live plants.  I’ll be cycling the tank (nitrogen cycle and growing beneficial bacteria) with 3 Zebra Danios.  I still have 4 Neon Tetras and a Clown Loach at school.  I’ll be adding more Tetras, Danios, and a small school of Cory Cats.

Look for more info as I get going in this insane new hobby…


~ by OgreMkV on April 27, 2007.

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