White Knight – The Dresden Files

Finally, the real Dresden Files returns to us. (I’ve given up on the TV show. Sorry Nick, it was crap.) I ordered it from Amazon shortly after it was released. I checked my “Where’s my Stuff?” page on Amazon and it said it was in my garage. Sure ‘nough, I had something to read. I finished it less than 12 hours later (including sleep and work… don’t tell the boss).

White Knight is an excellent story. However, I kept expecting something particular to happen and it hasn’t yet. I’d still rank this as one of the top three Dresden books (keep up the good work Jim). Some thing were slightly disappointing, but I’m still not a big fan of the detective novels. These are really the only ones I’ve ever read.


First, Dresden kicks ass. Murphy kicks ass. Elaine kicks major ass. Mouse… oh yeah, he kicks ass. Thomas, Lara, Marcone, Hendricks… them too. This is just a big bunch of serious ass kicking. Yet I never felt it was too much.

I VERY MUCH liked the fact that Murph had a heart to heart with Harry about the anger issue. I’m kind of upset that Lash is gone. I mean, I’m glad that Harry was able to overcome her power and change her more than she was could change him. That was way cool. But, I actually got to like her as a person. She was a clever foil for Harry, but I do think that her abilities was becoming something of a Dues ex Machina for Harry. Whenever, he needed something, then she had the power for him.

I was vaguely disappointed in Molly’s role. However, I still love her character and the whole concept of Harry’s apprentice. I missed Bob. However, his role (minor though it was) was classic Bob.
** Why is this thing in Italics????**
No, what makes me really mad is “Why hasn’t Harry given the sword to Murphy!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?”
Jim, I’m waiting.

~ by OgreMkV on April 11, 2007.

One Response to “White Knight – The Dresden Files”

  1. I agree with you about the TV show its just not that good makes Harry look like a bumbling idiot. I loved White Night though and was sad to see Lasciel go too but perhaps Butcher has other plans for her? I think that Murphy will get the sword too because I thought that there was a bit of forshadowing to it in the book Dead Beat I lbelieve when Harry looks at her with his sight and she seems to glow and wield a major sword, but thats just my guess.

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