Action Movies

Warning: Even more chaotic and jumbled than my normal entries.  Oh and someone freaking comment.

I guess I’m old.  Don’t get me wrong, I love action/adventure movies.  Well… most of them.  However, modern action film-makers just seem to be trying to get as much crap as fast as possible in the movies.  sigh… I love action, but plot, story, character development are all VERY important to me as well.  I bring this up because my students and I were discussing movies and the subject of Crank came up.

I’ll even admit to being a Jason Statham fan.   He’s a pretty cool guy and fairly good actor, but no one would know it.  He’s being killed by the movie industry.  (Kind of like John Travolta and Bruce Willis almost were.)  Anyway, The Italian Job, was excellent.  His character was moderately interesting, actually had some good lines, and was well played.  The Transporter, not quite as good, but since he was the lead, it seemed to show more of his acting skills.  It was a pretty good action film.  The sequel wasn’t terrible as sequels go, but it seemed much more jumpy to me.  Which bothers me.

If the action scenes jump between viewpoints too much, then the action is lost to a fleeting group of images which begs the question, ‘why are using moving pictures as a medium?’

Anyway, this brings us to Crank.  What utter crap. I guess it is what would be called (in the art world) impressionistic… or in my world ‘an expensive piece of crap’.  The action scenes are jumpy, with pauses, strange multi-camera screens cause we don’t want you to be able to concentrate on our crappy photography.  The plot was non-existent.  Assassin on a rampage because he’s about to die and must move to survive.  The characters… that would be those people… I guess.

I repeat.. utter crap.

Another movie that brings this up was 300.  I am a huge fan of Greek history, including Thermopylae.  One of the reviews of the film stated that he didn’t mind that the movie was so unrealistic ‘because history is boring right?’  Geez, I’d like to see him with 299 of his closet friends trying to hold off 7000 of the best warriors on the planet.  Oh, yeah, none of this gun and ballistic armor crap.  You have a spear and leather.  If you’re lucky, you have a sword.  Now, survive for a week… How boring… sigh.

This guy probably hated Apollo 13.  I bet Jim Lovell wasn’t bored.

I like action adventure, but I’m a thinking man and I like that too.

Please Hollywood, make a movie for me… or better yet, let me make the darn thing.


~ by OgreMkV on March 18, 2007.

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