The Dresden Files

First of all… Jim Butcher is the man as far as I’m concerned.  I’d buy a new series of books from him sight unseen.  Both the Dresden books and the Alera books are fantastic and deeply detailed and moving in a variety of ways.  His characters are wonderfully human, not perfect, but deep and compelling.

However, if I ever meet Jim, I’m going to slug him for giving his title character to the Sci-Fi channel.  Sci-Fi has done only one thing right since it’s been on, and that was the 4 hour Battlestar Galactica.  Everything else (including BSG the series) has been utter crap.

If you’ve only seen the TV show, please, please, read the books, then write to Sci-Fi and tell them what morons they are for allowing that pathetic shadow of The Dresden Files to be placed on air.  My wife could do a better job of making a Dresden series and she’s never even read the books… of course, I’ve described them in gory detail to her.

The are two things that have truly hacked me off though… OK, three… Jim, I hope you hear this.

1) Bianca is a FREAKING VAMPIRE.  She is not a sweet, loving madame who just happens to be undead.  She’s a VAMPIRE.  I am so sick of this ‘noble dead’ crap.  These things are EVIL.  They EAT people.  They are demons in human form… sometimes.  If Dresden ever had sex with a vampire… can anyone say Thrall?  (Extra points for being able to define Thrall.)  Come on people.  Dresden started a war with the vampires in Grave Peril.  Grr…

2) Dresden’s magical foci are just pathetically lame.  A drum stick and a hockey stick… comon.  Where’s the blasting rod.  In all of its carved sigil, takes months to make, flame throwing glory.  Dresden isn’t a evocator… he’s a thaumaturgist.  He needs a magically enhanced focus for blasting stuff… not a stick for creating cool drum solos.  It makes it look like he’s not really a wizard.

3) Bob is an air spirit… not a blasted Deus ex Machina (Waaay more extra points for that one) for Dresden.  It almost seems like Harry doesn’t know any magic.  He’s sort of a magician’s apprentice to the only real mage in the show… Bob.

I realize that the wizardry shown in the books is going to frighten some people.  They can watch the new vampire show on Lifetime (shudder).  The fans, I think… taking into account myself, want the real Dresden… not this wimp.

More on the pathetic Sci-Fi channel later.

Let’s just say that, if they ever give me a camera and a budget.. you aren’t going to get ‘Reign of the Gargoyles’… sigh.

(Heh, you ought to see the spell-checker’s results of this page.)


~ by OgreMkV on March 12, 2007.

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