Losing Friends

Sorry, I’ve been out a while.  Work and keeping up with baby have been insane and I’m running out of stories.  I’d like to talk about a few things today.
Losing Pets

I lost two pets today.  They didn’t die, but I had to give them up.  Mango and Newt are sugar-gliders.  They are fascinating creatures and very cool to have.  Unfortunately, they are nocturnal, very small, and very active (at night).  All this presented me with several problems.  I am so tired by the time I get home.  I cook supper, play with Xander and crash.  It’s just painful waiting for 9-10P to play with them and feed them.  Of course, they have to be in a cage most of the time (23 hours a day) because of the cats and Xander.

Sugar gliders are very social animals and it just wsn’t fair for them to not be played with at all.  Fortunately, they have found a good home.  Thanks Jonathan.

Losing Friends

I used to have a decent circle of friends.  My best friend evacuated from huuricane Rita all the way to Oregon.  my other close friends haven’t spoken to me years (literally).  Oh well.  Just like my mom and dad.  No close friends… ever.  sigh

What I do have!

Nimitz and Tango check out Xander

Me, Xander, Nimitz, and Tango


~ by OgreMkV on February 17, 2007.

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