Richard Dawkins’ “The God Delusion”

After reading this book, I have decided that I am no longer agnostic. I’m an atheist. That is all. We will shortly return you to your regular programming.

Wait, that’s not all. I’d better clarify. When you put the prefix ‘a-‘ on a word, it means ‘not’ or ‘without’. Amoral means without morals. So no yummy mushrooms for you… sorry. (More extra points. I am keeping score here.)

Theism is Belief in the existence of a god or gods, especially belief in a personal God as creator and ruler of the world. According toTheism: Yahoo on-line dictionary

So that means that I am without belief in the existence of a god and especially God.  Personally, historically, and culturally, I believe that religion has done more damage than any other thing in my life or in the known history of the planet.  I have wonderful, kind, generous, loving friends that are going to hell because they are not Christian.  I know many, many complete and utter assholes that are going to heaven because they are Christian… “Does that seem right to you?” (See, the extra credit just keeps coming.)  So, what’s the point.  According to my experience 99.99% of all people believe in God to keep from going to hell.  If they’re going to heaven, I really don’t want any part of it.

I’ll happily discuss this with anyone (who is reasonably polite about it), but Dawkins’ book just convinced me that I should take the next logical step.  I think I was already there, but denied it to try to be polite… or something.

Oh, and before anyone goes there.  I’ve read the Bible… probably more times than you.  I’ve a complete set of Strong’s Concordance among others.  Heck, I’ve even read some of the gospels that aren’t in the Bible.  I’m eagerly awaiting the Gospel According to Judas.  I even know a lot about the actual history and culture of Judea and Israel at the time of the Bible.  So don’t say that I have no idea what I’m talking about.  I’ve compared all sides of the issue, way more than any Christian will ever consider anything but their own self-righteousness.

I guess I’m out of the closet.  First an evolutionist, now an atheist.  Wow.

P.S. Note two more links.  The Evolution Blog for those that are into science, math or chess, and the rejection of Pascale’s Wager website.


~ by OgreMkV on February 2, 2007.

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