Something a Little Sillier

Top ten clues that you are a geek.

  1. You think nothing of spending $750 for the newest GeForce video card, but borrow gas money from your mom to get to work.
  2. You have more computers that shoes.
  3. You have a much cooler friend that goes to chess tournaments.
  4. You have enough frequent flier miles to travel the globe, but haven’t left your apartment since 2002.
  5. Nerds point and laugh at you.
  6. You can explain to anyone why they are wrong… even if they are right.
  7. You have posters of Albert Einstein on your wall.
  8. Dilbert is your hero, but Wally is cooler.  You think Alice is a fox.
  9. You’ve ever spent more than 16 hours without peeing to play a video game.
  10. You can describe how to debug a Windows TCP/IP driver, but can’t remember how tomicrowave soup.

~ by OgreMkV on January 27, 2007.

One Response to “Something a Little Sillier”

  1. Wicak, siplah kalo begitu! kalo bisa sih, sekalian mencantumkan url dari situs web yg dijadikan sumber berita… ‘kan detikinet juga hidupnya di in&3rnett#82e0;

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