How to Abuse your Department Head

Well, there are many ways, but here’s one we discovered this morning.

Today was a practice TAKS test.  For those of you in a saner educational environment than Texas, the TAKS is the Texas Academic Knowledge and Skills.  Really it’s a way to prevent teachers from teaching, but hold them accountable for teaching.  Anyway, kids, after a half day of testing… well, their little tater minds are pretty fried.

I walk into my class and one of my students has a cell phone glued to her ear and is jabbering away… sort of.  It’s a toy cell phone that belongs in any up and coming 4-year old’s power briefcase.  It’s huge and neon yellow.  So I start in on her…

Name, I can’t believe your using your cell phone in class like that.  I’m gonna write you up.”

She replies, “Go ahead. I don’t care.”

So I grab a referral form and start filling it out.  The rest of the class has realized that both of us have lost our minds and are wondering what we’ll do next.  So I fill it out and say, “give me the phone.”

She says, “No.”  I add that to the referral.

I say, “I’m taking you to Mr. department head.”

She replies, “So, I’m not scared of him.”  I motion and we head out into the hall.  The rest of the class is rolling in laughter and tries to quietly follow us out.  We have to stop about half way to his room (two rooms down the hall) and giggle.  We regain our composure and knock on the Department Head’s door.

I stick my head in and say, “Sir, could you come talk to student.  She’s talking on her cell phone in class and won’t give it up.”  He looks shocked, because she is a good student.  He walks out into the hall and I hand him the referral. He reads it and holds out his hand to the student motioning for the cell phone.  She puts it in his hand and we wait.

He finishes examining the referral and looks at the neon yellow cell-phone in his other hand.  And bursts out laughing.  The rest of my class cracks up and we’re just smiling.  Finally, he says, “young lady, I’m taking this to the principle and calling your mother.”  He starts walking towards the office and puts the cell phone to his ear.

I like my department head.  He’s good people.


~ by OgreMkV on January 25, 2007.

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